Become a Member

The Black Women’s Democratic Club lifeline is our members. Like with many Democratic clubs, members can take part in the endorsement process, programming and setting priorities of the club.

All members of the Black Women’s Democratic Club shall be registered Democrats, except that a person who indicates an intention to register as a Democrat, upon becoming eligible to register, may be a member. The minimum age for membership shall be 14 years. A member under the age of 18 is a non-voting member.

A “member in good standing” is one who has affirmatively applied for membership and has paid dues for the current year or had them waived due to economic hardship. A grace period of 60 days following the expiration of membership shall be granted, during which a person may exercise all privileges of membership, provided dues are paid or been waived before exercising the right to vote.

In order to vote in an endorsement meeting, the member needs to be in good standing and have been a member for at least 30 days (in good standing).

Membership Dues

Membership Dues*

$44 – General Membership

$25 – Student and Senior

$1000 – Lifetime Membership

*Economic Hardship Memberships available. Please inquire at